Perfect Artist A Y Museek Music Song

Artist Name: A Y Museek
Song Name: Can’t take my Joy

Born in London, A Y Museek was raised, from the age of 6 months, in Nigeria, his parents’ native country. It was there that he first began performing the music that today plays such a central role in his life and inspired the young A Y (then plain Ayo Ogunya) to join a church choir. He was just 15, but his talent was obvious to anyone who heard him. A close friend, himself a talented musician, offered to help Ayo develop his singing skills. He gratefully grabbed the opportunity with both hands and, as a result, Ayo’s talent blossomed and he was soon performing with a local Gospel band.

By the time he was 24, Ayo was back in London, where he immediately joined a local church. Soon, Ayo was entertaining the public, and evangelising his faith, by participating in regular church choir concerts and street performances. By now, certain of what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, Ayo had begun to write and record his own songs, and had adopted a stage name, A Y Museek – a signature that combined a simplification of his first name (Ayo) with a play on words that perfectly captured the inspiring force behind the artist’s creative drive: music as a means of seeking God.

While his early work was heavily influenced by the Grammy-nominated Gospel band, Commissioned, both because of their inimitably joyful sound and their clear passion for their art, AY Museek’s more recent songs bear the unique hallmark of his individual talent. And it is a talent that could easily set the world of Christian R&B alight. Following the YouTube release of songs such as Power and Higher, A Y Museek’s Can’t Take my Joy will be released on 6th September 2019, produced by Ian Green. Judging by extremely encouraging early feedback (“. . . a very commercial
song. . .” [ABN Radio]; “. . . a good, hooky chorus . . .” [Premier Radio]), it is a track which could easily be the start of even greater things to come.

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