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Artist name: Baesar
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27 years old

North London UK

Baesar. An artist who brings to life the environment and lifestyle of an area in the UK just outside of North London within the ‘Three Counties’, which is rapidly growing, on the rise and gaining recognition. Baesar tells stories of his past and recent life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty. Songs such as Knight Rider, 9-5 or Trap, 32Double0, Holy Grail, King Commandments, give a full understanding of the artist’s environment, and insight into the life of the artist. Baesar creatively captures his art through the familiar deep bass, snares and hi-hats of the 808’s, using a trap/drill genre/theme of hip-hop to really depict the life of the many Boroughs just outside of North London. Baesar shows off his even greater musical awareness, innovation, diversity and creativity on up beat/temp & high energy songs such as Carnage, 9ice, Blizzard, Holy Grail, I’m up. Also displaying another side to the artist, Baesar has also released more melodic and soul satisfying music such as, Garvey Flow, Bosumtwi, One Sentence, Genjutsu & 32Savage, aimed toward a particular audience that enjoy ambient & unorthodox flows.

Twitter: @baesar3200
IG: @baesar32

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