Artist Name // SCVTRX
Artist Song Name // OG PVRP SCVT

Hello So 4 years ago now, wow time flys. this is when I started my journey I went and bought some pioneer decks The XDJ R1 with a dream and a intention to one day be like skrillex my idol. I have always wanted to travel the world and play in front of massive crowds and playing my music which I’m so passionate about and love so much

Then 3 years ago I met my ex partner which really didn’t stop anything but she wasn’t the most supportive, but I still managed do jump the decks for 1 hours everyday and still do till this day

Then she basically left me and I was probably in one of the worst places I had been in my entire life. so I work in sales normally then both jobs I had at the time went into liquidation

So this year when I turned 25 and decided it was now or never because when I’m 36 I can’t just become a DJ so I thought this year 2019 I would give everything I had to make this happen and if I did amazing but if i didn’t adleast gave it a red hot crack.

all those vids that I post to my insta and Facebook pages which you might have already watched or seen so what I do is come up with all the switch’s then I create a mix around them so like my new mix I just finished which ill send to you guys is all the vids in one so I make a set around all the switch’s and I come up with them like all the ones on my page and make a mix around the switch’s. it if that makes Sence.

this really is the only thing in my life that actually makes me happy is when I’m mixing this my passion and has been my whole life ❤️ im self taught and I have my own style which no else I have seen has

I know I have alot to offer and believe this is where I ment to be & would love to be with agency

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